Built for Shopify. Designed for Simplicity.

Beautiful growth widgets

Our growth widgets including pop-ups are designed to be beautiful, engaging and to minimise friction for customer opt-in.

  • Customize easily using our intuitive desinger to fit your brand

  • Responsive design that works well on both mobile and desktop

  • Loads fast on your online store for better SEO.

Powerful segmentation based on behavior

CornerCart automatically assigns tags to subscribers based on their behavior on your Shopify store, custom rules you create and data shared by Facebook (with their permission of course).

  • Use tag combination to define your own customer segments

  • Send broadcasts and sequences to specific segments

  • Give a personalized & conversational feel to campaigns

Intuitive and simple to use UI

The power of CornerCart is brought to you in a simple and intuitive UI that you can learn to use in an afternoon.

  • Makes it simple to comply with Facebook's messaging policies

  • Easy to create creative campaigns to build a loyal audience

  • Combine features in powerful ways for efficient workflow

Easy installation via Shopify app store

Easy click-through install process from the Shopify app-store. You won't need a developer!

  • Authenticated and secured by Shopify's systems

  • Billing and refunds are handled through your Shopify account

  • Compliant with Shopify's policies and GDPR

Get started for free! No credit card required

CornerCart is free to to try for 15 days. Access all the features and tools without any limit. Get started now, no credit card required