A sticky cart to win customer hearts ♥️

An intelligent cart plugin for your Shopify store to boost checkouts and reduce abandoned carts.

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An intelligent cart with...

Instagram like stories to showcase offers, interactive FAQ, automated abandoned cart recovery and more

Sell more with Offer Stories

Instagram like stories help engage customers better

Reduce Support Queries

Interactive FAQ to auto-respond to frequent questions

Recover Abandoned Carts

Recover Abandoned Carts using Facebook Messenger

A Shopify cart like no other...

...much more than the average cart drawer

Designed to look beautiful on mobile Roughly 50% of traffic to Shopify store is from the mobile. Cornercart is designed to look beautiful on both mobile and desktop browsers.

Works with all Shopify themes. No coding necessary Click through installation using Shopify’s standard app installation process. No copying and pasting or editing code into your theme files.

A team you can trust to help win your customer's heart We promise the best possible customer support so that you can make your customers happy.

An intelligent cart

To help you win your customers' hearts ♥️

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What people might say

about the team and the product

There is magic in story telling! No wonder Offer stories sell more...
Irma Showalter
Shopify Owner
Good job on the app! A very well designed submission.
John Anatoley
Shopify App Analyst
Can't wait to see what else this team is going to launch soon!
Garin Fluenn
E-commerce Influencer